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Aero Accessories, Inc. overhauls, develops, produces, and supplies hard to find parts for older aircraft as well as for the newest. We are often the only source for certified replacement parts such as fuel pumps for older planes.

We also support experimental aircraft with online customer support, a convenient and cost-effective way of contacting us and finding distributors, and the opportunity to learn more about Aero Accessories, Inc. and the products we design and manufacture.

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ATTENTION: Service Information Letter - SI-004, Identifying Aero Accessories Overhauled Dry Air Pumps versus Airborne

MANDATORY service bulletin-compliance is required immediately. Service Bulletin SB-010: Diaphragm Fuel Pump Lever Damage
Tempest™ Original Spin-on Oil Filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil filters. Total process control helps insure the highest standard of quality. Read about the features of our Tempest™ Original Spin-on Filters.

Tempest™ Tornado Rotary Air Pumps, our new, improved AA3215CC or AA3216CW bandless pumps, are designed to reduce premature failures. Closed front ends prevent the residual oils and solvents which result from pressure washing from entering the drive mechanism of the pump. Our revolutionary patent-pending LRT oil diverter system is designed to drain oil from leaking garlock seals away from the pump. More about the Tempest™ Tornado Pumps.

Tempest™ Tornado pump.
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