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About Aero Accessories, Inc.

A message from Aero's President

I was four years old, in 1953, when I saw the first airplane I remember.  It was a Piedmont Airlines DC-3. 
They flew low enough then that you could read the name and numbers painted on them.  From that day on I've loved and believed in airplanes, the aviation industry, and the good aviation does for the world.  Because I believe in it, it's natural to support it.  More importantly, I want to support the people who, like me, work in the industry and make aviation happen.

The special thing that makes us most proud to be part of aviation is the industry's high level of integrity.  Airplanes are brutally honest.  They'll do what they'll do if you follow the rules, and they'll kill you if you don't .  Aircraft maintenance people, probably more than anyone else, know this and believe it. The concept is their mantra.  As  consequence, almost everybody who remains in maintenance long becomes as honest as the airplanes they work on.  The industry doesn't tolerate anything else.  Good maintenance people are part of the solution to the problem of keeping our industry alive.  Their efforts are tireless and dedicated.  Their willingness to share information when a question of safety is at hand often regulates monetary interests to the background.  Above all, they are a pleasure to work with, and for.  Each of us who works at Aero owes their living and success to the aircraft maintenance technicians around the world who use and support our products. 
We never forget that.

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association
The FAA also owes their existance to the industry.  Unfortunately they are currently in an attack dog mode.  They are indiscriminately destroying, or trying to destroy, mechanics' and pilots' livelihoods and reputations (a la BOB HOOVER) and, likewise, the reputations and businesses of repair stations and manufacturers, often for the most frivilous of reasons.  Every time this happens, everyone in the industry suffers.  Every time it happens, it is the ultimate insult to the most professional of hard-working and honest people;  people with the highest ethics of any group around.

I urge every mechanic, repair station, and pilot or operator to join the Aeronautical Repair Station Association today.  The Aeronautical Repair Station Association is not affiliated with Aero Acccessories, Inc., however, we recognize its great value and strongly support it.  This organization fights to protect mechanics' rights.  It educates us so we can better protect ourselves.  While pilots might not think joining germane, they need to re-think the proposition.  Maintenance people, not airplanes, make flying possible.   Without the pilot's support for maintenance, and without maintenance's support for pilots, pilots become motorists...

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association can be reached at (703) 739-9543.  Fax:  (703) 739-9488. Or, visit their website at http://www.arsa.org.
Thank you on behalf of all of us at Aero Accessories, Inc., for your support.

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About Aero.

Aero's history.
Aero's Mission.
President's Message.

"The special thing that makes us most proud to be part of aviation is the industry's high level of integrity."


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