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Tempest is the leading brand of pneumatic, ignition and filtration products, including a complete line of OEM dry air pumps, spark plugs and oil filters. Additional Tempest product lines include fuel pumps, oil filter adapters and specialty tools.

New Tempest AeroGuard™ FAA-PMA Air Filters

Introducing Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters from the brand you trust for quality and innovation

World’s Best Aviation Spark Plugs!

Deice Systems are Critical Components

Proprietary Magnet Inspection Aid for SPIN EZ® Oil Filters No Longer Available

AA48108-2 is now approved as interchangeable with AA48109

Last year we had the fewest plug related issues with the B-17 that I can ever remember in 25 years.  Tempest plugs really made a difference in the day to day reliability of the EAA B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”.

John Hopkins, EAA #763327

Manager, Aircraft Maintenance

I swapped out my old Champions for a set of Tempest Fine wires in my Navion with an IO-470H. The engine runs like a scalded dog. It will idle down to 700 RPM with ease. I took a friend flying and when​ we landed he said, “Don’t shut it down, let it Cadillac for a few minutes.”

To the guys who make these things, your work is appreciated.

Roddy N.

Navion N4833K

What Makes Tempest the Aviation Spark Plug of Choice? 

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