Oil Filter Tools

Tempest® AA470 Filter Can Cutter

The Tempest AA470 is a universal oil filter can cutter and can be used on all aircraft oil filters.  Made from high quality aircraft aluminum this unit is light weight and very durable. The adapter pin is easily removed for male oil filters and replacement blades can be found at all Tempest distributors.  The AA470 makes a great addition to any toolbox.

Tempest® AA471 Media Cutter

Every mechanic knows the importance of cutting the media pack open to spread the pleats for inspection of metal in the filter. In the past this has been a difficult job, but with the Tempest AA471 it’s become efficient and safe. The strong guard and non-retractable blade allow you to secure the blade to the media and ensure an accurate cut.

Tempest® AA472 Torque Wrench

The Tempest AA472 oil filter torque wrench is a great addition to any toolbox. Its 1″ hex allows easy installation or removal of aviation all oil filters. The torque wrench comes preset to 17 foot pounds and is easily recalibrated.

Tempest® AA473 EZ Drain Tool

Why would Tempest change what others have readily accepted? Because like you, we knew there just had to be a better way to change oil. We believed there could be a drain tool that actually made oil changes easier and cleanup faster. The result: Tempest’s patented Easy Drain oil filter drain tool. This drain tool saves time, prevents drips and spills, and makes cleanup as easy. Innovative, forward-focused design—proof that Tempest is engineered to lead.

Tempest® AA474 EZ Wrench Extension

Do you have a hard time getting a torque wrench or even an open-end box wrench on the install nut of your oil filter? If so, the Tempest AA474 oil filter wrench extension if for you. Designed with the Beech Barons and Bonanzas in mind this high-quality tool is made of chrome-plated steel and comes with an easy to use torque conversion label.