Induction Air Filters

Tempest AeroGuard™ Induction Air Filters

AeroGuard Air FiltersTempest® has a long and proud history of excellent filtration products for general aviation.  We continue that tradition with our line of Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters.

They are manufactured using a black anodized aluminum housing and screen to prevent corrosion and fragmented media from being ingested.  Designed to keep your induction system clean in the dirtiest environments, the 100% polyester spunbond nonwoven media offers maximum airflow while still filtering out 99% of contaminants larger than 5 microns. Our high quality durable synthetic media is washable and allows you to reuse the filter.

If you are looking to minimize contaminants and maximize airflow choose Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters.

Information contained in this application data is for reference only. Although great effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, Aero Accessories/Tempest® assumes no responsibility for the information contained within this document. Responsibility for airworthiness of aircraft, including the installation of correctly selected approved replacement of parts lies with the aircraft owner/operator per FAR 91.163, FAR 121.363, FAR 123.45, FAR 127.131 and FAR 135.143 (a). Please refer to FAA or engine/airframe/propeller manufacturers’ parts listing for approved part numbers for each application.  Tempest brand products are manufactured by Aero Accessories, LLC.

Q: Do I need to follow AD 84-26-02 if I use your induction air filters?
A:  No, our Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters are made with a 100% polyester spunbond nonwoven media and don’t need to follow AD 84-26-02. For more information on proper ways to clean and maintain our induction air filters please click on the product literature tab listed above.

Q: Is there a shelf life limit on Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters?
A: No, as long as they are stored in normal room temperature conditions and are free from moisture/humidity, dirt/dust and UV exposure there is no shelf life limit on Tempest AeroGuard™ air filters.

Q: Are Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filters able to be cleaned and reused?
A: Yes, they can be cleaned and reused up to 5 times or 500 flight hours; whichever comes first.

Q: How do can I clean my Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filter?
A:  Compressed air can be used for dusty filters and a detergent/water mixture can be used for heavier contaminants.  Do not use hard solvents such as, but not limited to MEK, toluene, acetone, or oily solvents.  For complete cleaning instructions read through the cleaning procedures section of our brochure located in the product literature tab above.

Q: Should my Tempest Aero Guard™ induction air filters be inspected before flight.
A: Yes, if your filter is visible from outside the aircraft you should inspect it during your preflight inspection to assure that it is not occluded by foreign material, leaves etc.

Q: Should I apply oil to my Tempest AeroGuard™ induction air filter prior to installation?
A: No, it is not necessary and will clog the filter, rendering it unserviceable.