About Tempest®

Tempest® History

The Tempest brand of aviation products was founded in 2001 by Stan Fletcher and Tim Henderson. Their goal was to build a well-defined and unique brand identity for aviation products manufactured by Aero Accessories, LLC.

Since its inception, Tempest and its employees have prided themselves on providing the aviation industry with products that are known for their superior quality, innovation, value and backed by the industry’s best customer support and service.  These core beliefs have led to industry first’s, such as the Tempest dry air pump WIP™, the ‘fired-in’ resistor for spark plugs, and the Spin-EZ® gasket oil filters.

Today, Tempest is recognized and respected worldwide for its leading lines of pneumatic, ignition, and filtration products. Tempest offers complete lines of OEM dry air pumps, spark plugs, and oil filters. Additional Tempest product lines include fuel pumps, oil filter adapters and specialty tools.

You can find Tempest brand products being used by OEM’s like Beechcraft®, Cessna®, Cirrus®, Continental Motors®, Piper®, Robinson Helicopters®, and Superior Air Parts®.

Behind the Brand

Aero Accessories, LLC

Aero Accessories was founded by Tim Henderson in 1984 and what started as an accessory overhaul shop has turned into a world-class manufacturer of OEM and PMA parts.  Prior to 2001, Aero Accessories manufactured and overhauled a line of dry air pumps and mechanical fuel pumps.

Since 2001, under the Tempest brand, Aero Accessories has expanded its pneumatic products to include a full line of OEM components and systems, including the Tornado™ dry air pump; the only new dry air pump design in thirty years.  Additionally, through both ground-up development and strategic acquisition, Aero has added a full line of spin-on oil filters and spark plugs.

Aero Accessories has state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing capabilities and facilities, giving us the ability to manufacture products requiring adherence to very tight tolerances and specs.  Aero Accessories has long been recognized as a manufacturer that consistently provides innovative products built to the highest of quality standards.

The Tempest® Mission

“To provide the general aviation industry with products, service and support that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations”