Oil Filters

Proprietary Magnet Inspection Aid for SPIN EZ® Oil Filters No Longer Available

Tempest® Oil Filters

Total Manufacturing Control – Tempest Spin EZ® filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil filters. Total process control helps ensure the highest standard of quality.

Features and Benefits

Six-pack Packaging
– Tempest filters are available in popular “Six-Packs” as well as the traditional case of twelve. Six-packs are economical, convenient, and easy to handle.

Improved Nut Welds – Nut welds are so strong that the can will distort without breaking the welds! During production testing nuts are actually ripped away from the can – the base metal must fail, the welds must not.  Using Tempest Original filters means no more frustration with installation nuts falling off.

Improved By-Pass Valve for Continental® Engines – 
Meets TCM by-pass specification of 12-14 psi, reducing risk of premature bypass that can result in unfiltered oil flowing to your engine.

PC Housing (Patent Pending) – the only filter to incorporate a housing for the by-pass valve to prevent the restriction of the oil outlet should a failure of the by-pass valve occur.

Burst strength of 600 psi 
– Significant improvements to the roll seam process used on the bottom of the can substantially improved the design burst strength of the Tempest Spin EZ oil filter to over 600 pounds per square inch, exceeding the ARP 1400 standard by 50 percent. Extra strength gives added assurance that Tempest oil filters are made to withstand the harshest operating conditions.

Full Pleat Media – The resin-impregnated, cellulosic, full pleat media is designed for uniform flow and collapse resistance.  312 square inches is the most in aviation oil filters.

Spin EZ® Solid Lubricant
– Tempest Spin EZ oil filter’s proprietary solid lubricant allows for easy removal of the filter. Unlike oil, grease or DC4 compound that leave the filter seemingly “bonded” to the engines mount pad, making it nearly impossible to remove, our Spin EZ solid lubricant wont extrude or squirt out from under the seal; allowing for removal without a fight.

Oil Filter PDF Application Guide


Information contained in this application data is for reference only. Although great effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, Aero Accessories/Tempest® assumes no responsibility for the information contained within this document. Responsibility for airworthiness of aircraft, including the installation of correctly selected approved replacement of parts lies with the aircraft owner/operator per FAR 91.163, FAR 121.363, FAR 123.45, FAR 127.131 and FAR 135.143 (a). Please refer to FAA or engine/airframe/propeller manufacturers’ parts listing for approved part numbers for each application.  Tempest brand products are manufactured by Aero Accessories, LLC.

Q: What Tempest® oil filter should I use for my engine?
A:  This all depends on the engine manufacturer.  Please visit the oil filter application section of our website to determine which Tempest oil filter best suits your engine.

Q: What is your torque spec for tightening your oil filters?
A: We recommend 16-18 ft lbs. of torque or tighten by hand plus a quarter turn.

Q: How often should I replace my Tempest oil filter?
A: Always refer to the engine manufacturer’s recommendation.  If no recommendation is made then we suggest you replace Tempest oil filters every 25 to 50 hours.

Q: Should I use a short or tall Tempest oil filter for my engine?  Your application guide says I can use both.
A:  Yes, both short and tall filters are approved for most engine applications.  Determining which height filter to use all depends on the space you have inside the engine cowling.  At Tempest we suggest going with the taller of the approved oil filters if you have the space.  If you need to know the height of our oil filters please visit the oil filter specifications section of our website.

Note: Tempest’s replacement recommendation is the same for both short and tall filters.

Q: Does using your shorter oil filter design have a negative effect on filtering my engine’s oil?
A: The short answer is no.  While we recommend using our taller oil filters when you have the space inside your cowling, using our shorter filters will still provide more than enough filtration coverage when replacing them at the recommended intervals of 25 to 50 hours.

Q: What is the difference between a non-dash, a dash one and a dash two aviation oil filter?
A: Height.  Over the years aviation oil filters have gotten shorter to help with installation in tight spaces.  The dash two filter by Tempest is the shortest of the certified aviation oil filters on the market.

Q: What is the Spin EZ™ oil filter by Tempest?
A: Tempest created the Spin EZ oil filter to make installation and removal easier and more efficient. Our patented solid seal lubricant is applied to our oil filter gasket during manufacturing and requires no oil or DC4 compound prior to installation; making the removal process of a stuck filter a thing of the past.  For more information on our Spin EZ oil filter please see the product literature section on our website.

Q: What micron rating is your oil filter?
A: Tempest oil filters use media with a 40-micron rating.

Q: Do Tempest oil filters use a magnet?
A: Yes, all Tempest aviation oil filters use a magnet. This give us an extra layer of defense to help filter out smaller micron particles that may get past the filtration media.

Q: Is the AA48108-2 and the AA48109 interchangeable?
A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence.

Q: Is the AA48110-2 and AA48111 interchangeable?
A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence.

Q: Is the AA48103-2 and AA48104 interchangeable?
A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence.