Swapped out my old Champions for a set of your Tempest Fine wires in my Navion with an IO-470H. Daayumm! The engine runs like a scalded dog. It will idle down to 700 RPM with ease. I took a friend flying and when we landed (he’s a jazz sax player), he said ‘Don’t shut it down, let it Cadillac for a few minutes’. 

Tell the guys who make these things their work is appreciated.

Roddy N.

Navion N4833K

During practice and collegiate aviation competitions, Ohio State’s Cessna 150 truly gets a workout. Whether it be cold mornings of March or hot days of September, the Cessna 150 is running strong. When the team performs precision-landings, power is constantly manipulated with smooth responses. In our navigation courses, “Buckeye 50” is leaned and enriched to make sure we get that perfect fuel burn. No matter the condition, our engine purrs right along and it speaks directly to the ability of our Tempest spark plugs.

The Ohio State University Flight Team

Navion N4833K

I must thank you for the support of your team during a recent event with an aircraft that had the oil lines crossed on a remote spin on oil filter adapter installed. After a pilot reported a sudden drop in oil pressure immediately after landing we initially discovered that the internal seal in the AA48108 oil filter had broken apart and was being pushed through the small ports that are used for the oil to enter the filter and parts of the filter seal broke off and lodged against the oil pressure relief valve seat.  We contacted your support team and through talking with them we discovered that the oil lines were crossed. Again thank you for the support!

Ryan R.

Bristow Academy Inc.

During this year’s winter maintenance we installed the Tempest Fine Wire spark plugs in our R985 powered airshow Stearman. We didn’t touch carburetors, ignition or anything else. For ten years that engine has fired on the third blade. Now it fires between 1 ½ and 2 blades. We are making more power, burning less fuel. Our mag drop is less and nearly identical left to right. Easier starting and smoother idle. The fuel savings alone will pay for the plugs in just over one show season. I’m sold on Tempest. 

Gary R.

Rower Airshows

We have used a different brand of plugs in the past, but we found that your plugs keep the engine running much smoother, and your plugs last much longer!  Thank you for making such a fine product. 

Jerry S.

Holy Smoke, Inc.

They have a GREAT Company and GREAT products …… and in Me, a forever Customer. 

Roy C.